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Welcome to ASLI - an institution dedicated to steering African Leadership in Space. We are committed to harnessing Space science for African socio-economic development

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Maximising International Space Cooperation
Deadline: Fri, Sep 27 2024
Application Status: Active
Application for enrolment into Maximising International Space Cooperation...
ZAR 6650.00
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Effective Governance of Space Institutions
Deadline: Fri, Nov 8 2024
Application Status: Active
Application for enrolment into the Effective Governance of Space Institutions...
ZAR 9500.00
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African Space Policy and Strategy (ASP) Course
Deadline: Wed, Jul 10 2024
Application Status: Closed
Application for enrolment into the African Space Policy and Strategy Course...
ZAR 3100.00
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Space Law and Governance (SLG) course
Deadline: Mon, Sep 2 2024
Application Status: Active
ASLI Applications for Enrollment into the Space Law and Governance course...
ZAR 4950.00
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